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Why consider a Chemical Peel this winter?

There are many reasons why you might want to invest in non-invasive facial treatment this Winter. For many people, the desire to improve the appearance and overcome prominent skin problems is a top priority, but the thought of going under the knife can be daunting. This is why non-invasive facial treatments can be an effective and affordable solution to a myriad of skin issues. Before undergoing any type of facial procedure, you must understand what they are, how they work, what the benefits are, and what side effects can occur. This article will give you all the information necessary to feel confident about enhancing your skin using a Medical Grade Chemical Peel.


Acne may appear to be a short term condition, but constant breakouts over a long period of time can lead to permanent facial scarring.

Acne occurs when the skin pores become blocked by bacteria and oil, and it tends to worsen when the immune system is weak.

During the colder seasons, we do not receive our daily dose of Vitamin D which is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system. This explains why many of us become more prone to Acne during Winter. Many types of chemical peels have been proven to remove acne scarring and prevent future breakouts. For example, the salicylic peel (BHA) is a superficial peel that is renowned for treating acne because it effectively permeates skin pores and unplugs dead skin cells.

Sun Damage

Other skin problems are triggered by exposure to the sun; a factor which many of us tend to forget about during Wintertime. Ultraviolet rays penetrate the outer layer of the skin, lessening its’ elasticity; this results in damaged skin cells which induce premature ageing. Chemical peels are an excellent method of removing spots caused by the sun, along with fine lines and wrinkles. SPF enhanced skincare products can prevent harm to your skin; however, those who already have a great deal of sun-damage might consider a chemical peel.

Stress-Induced Skin Problems

For many of us, Winter tends to be a particularly stressful season, given the Christmas rush and the New Year. Stress has been scientifically proven to negatively impact upon the skin, as it causes your body to release a hormone called cortisol.

This hormone affects the body’s production of collagen, which leads to visible skin ageing. Taking the time to look after yourself and taking pride in your appearance will ensure you feel calmer, reduce your stress levels, thereby reducing facial flaws.

Chemical peels present a methodical solution for stress-induced skin conditions; more specifically, it increases the natural production of collagen within the body. This facial treatment is ideal for Winter because it allows significant time for recovery. After having a chemical peel, your skin will be, temporarily, more sensitive to sunlight; the dark Winter days will allow your skin to recuperate in time for Spring.

What is a Chemical Peel and How Does it Work?

A chemical peel is a facial treatment where a mild acidic solution is applied to the skin, causing it to exfoliate and peel away. This process removes dead or damaged skin cells and stimulates the growth of new cells, resulting in smoother and more vibrant skin. These acid peels eradicate cells from the upper epidermis by breaking weak chemical bonds called “corneocytes” and “keratinocytes”.

There are three types of chemical peels; superficial peels, medium peels, and deep peels:

Superficial peels:

  • Remove the epidermis
  • Diminish wrinkles & scarring
  • Use beta hydroxy (BHA)
  • Use alpha hydroxy (AHA)

Medium peels:

  • Use trichloroacetic acid (TCA)
  • Use a concentration of up to 35-50% TCA
  • Eliminate damaged skin cells from the epidermis
  • Remove damaged cells from parts of the upper dermis.
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Eradicate scars and uneven skin tone

Deep peels:

  • Strongest form of chemical peels
  • Use trichloroacetic acid (TCA)
  • Use a concentrated solution of up to 50% TCA
  • Penetrate the dermis
  • Extract damaged skin cells
  • Contain phenol which stimulates collagen production

If you have sensitive skin, an enzyme peel can be an excellent alternative to these three chemical peels. Enzyme peels are a gentle solution that prompt cell regeneration, helping to assist with skin cell renewal. Enzyme peels do not often involve as much shedding as a regular chemical peel and are considered one of the lightest options.

Depending on your skin type and what results you would like to see, the ADM Skin Clinic range of Medical Grade Chemical Peels can have an extraordinary effect on your skin.

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What are the benefits of a Medical Grade Chemical Peel?

 Reversed Photo Ageing

Many studies have demonstrated how chemical peels can reverse the visible photo ageing of the skin, resulting in a seemingly younger appearance. Although light peels can still boost the brightness and overall appearance of your skin, medium and deep peels are immensely effective for treating scarring, age spots, wrinkles and skin discolouration. Chemical peels also remove spots caused by sun damage and effectually treat acne scarring; fine lines and wrinkles are lessened through boosting your skin’s nutrients. The overall effect of these peels is a younger and fresher look through the eradication of facial flaws.

Increased performance of skincare products

In addition to the many positive effects of chemical peels, they have also been found to make skincare products perform better. Dr Neal Schultz, an infamous dermatologist based in New York, claims that once a peel removes your dead skin cells, “all of your skincare products will apply, absorb, and work better”. Getting a chemical peel will not only improve your skin in the short term but can act as a long term solution to all your skin problems.

Induced production of collagen

Chemical peels invoke the production of collagen which is naturally produced through the break down of protein into amino acids in the body; a balanced diet can help to regulate the body’s collagen production. However, as we get older, our ability to produce collagen begins to decline. Habits such as smoking and an unhealthy diet can also hinder collagen production. This is why chemical peels can help to restore the natural collagen in our skin, resulting in a more youthful and healthier face. Studies have shown that collagen has been used for reconstructive surgery and wound treatment for more than 2000 years.

Are there any Side Effects?

For the most part, the side effects of a chemical peel are rare and mild and are usually constrained to redness, irritation and swelling, all of which are temporary. The redness may last for a few weeks after treatment while your skin recovers and begins to generate collagen. In rare cases, side effects may occur as scarring, skin discolouration and infection; this is very unlikely to transpire if you are following the advice of a board-certified practitioner. The NHS agree that chemical peels are “usually safe if it’s done by an experienced and suitably qualified practitioner”. At ADM Skin Clinic, you will feel at ease knowing that you are in the care of highly trained professionals with vast experience and expertise.

Is it Worth It?

The short answer is- yes! Although several treatments have been proven to resolve these skin problems, Medical Grade Chemical Peels are the perfect option for Winter. You now have all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether to get a chemical peel this season. The beauty of the chemical peel is that you can choose which type is best for you and your skin type. Every chemical peel that is offered at ADM Skin Clinic has a restorative effect on your skin, as well as preventing future skin problems.

As long as you seek out a certified professional, like Dr Manesh you will be given expert advice and understand which treatment would most suit you as an individual. At ADM Skin Clinic, we use the latest cutting edge technology with a highly qualified team so that you will always be in safe hands.

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