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The Ultimate Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatment: Mesotherapy & Carboxytherapy

Thinning, shedding, and hair loss affects both men and woman alike. There is no one reason behind this—causes can range from simple and temporary, like a vitamin deficiency, to more complex such as an underlying health condition. Irrespective, hair loss is often distressing condition and can have a significant effect on the patient’s quality of life. At ADM Skin Clinic, we combat hair loss through a variety of specialised treatments, including non-invasive hair regrowth procedures. Our non-surgical hair loss procedure is combination of Mesotherapy or Carboxytherapy treatments, depending on the patient’s hair condition. 


Mesotherapy is a non-invasive cosmetic hair restoration procedure that uses multiple tiny injections of medicationsvitamins, and other ingredients. Superficial microinjections are inserted just below the epidermis into the appropriate tissues to stimulate the cells in the mesoderm layer, which lies 1mm beneath the surface of the skin 

This layer under the epidermis serves as a link between the layer of fats and the tissues of the skin and as a result, encourages the hair’s natural regeneration process. The theory of this treatment is based on the understanding that most hair loss problems are the result of a lack of proper nutrients, reduced blood circulation to the scalp, and hormone imbalances around the hair follicle.  

Mesotherapy for hair regrowth uses nutrientrich liquid that is injected into the mesoderm of the scalp. The solution that is injected contains a special combination of specific chemicals, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, nucleic acids, and coenzymes that are specifically tailored to the patient’s unique requirements. It works to restore hormone imbalances at a gradual pace, this enables the steady growth of new, healthy hair strands.  

Mesotherapy can treat hair loss by: 

  • correcting hormone imbalances in and around the hair follicle. 
  • delivering nutrients to the hair. 
  • improving blood circulation. 


Carboxytherapy is a treatment that uses carbon dioxide to stimulate the growth of cells, in this case of hair folliclesIt is a non-invasive treatment that uses small injections made up of carbon dioxide gas to stimulate hair growth by improving oxygenation of the hair follicle and its surrounding blood flow. It is injected just below the surface of the scalp, which in turn stimulates a rush of oxygenated red blood cells to the area 

By injecting small amounts of carbon dioxide into the scalp it is possible to deceive the body into thinking that an injury has occurred in or around the area. The body’s response will be to increase blood flow to the scalp and carry more oxygen to the area, which as a result will flood the sculpt with healing cells. This process helps regenerate many of the cells in the scalp, from the skin cells to the hair follicles themselves.  

The benefits of this treatment are extensive, carboxytherapy can treat hair loss by: 

  • stimulating more growth to dormant hair follicles in the sculpt. 
  • increasing the size and health of existing hair follicles. 
  • regenerating the original hair colour.  
  • enhancing hair transplant results. 
  • improving overall sculpt circulation and health. 

Our treatment options depend on the cause of the patient’s hair loss. The best course of action will be determined in an initial consultation with one of our qualified practitioners. Book a consultation with one of our specialists to ensure we understand the results you hope to achieve from your treatment. 

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