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Tear Trough Treatment: What to Expect with Under Eye Filler

Tear troughs are the hollows between the lower eyelid and the cheeksThis natural depression of the skin, also known as the Nasojugal Groove, is a small lesion of skin that runs from the inner corner of the eyelid along the infraorbital rim to the outermost corner of each eye. This groove is often an aesthetic concern as it may cause the appearance of dark circles and undereye bags. Both undereye bags and tear trough deformities can result in a tired and aged appearance. They can often occur together and both correlate with either loss of fat or a gain in fat in certain areas around the eyelid structures of the face. Tear trough rejuvenation or correction with dermal fillers is a popular treatment with both men and women who want to look more rested, youthful and refreshed. 


In certain individuals, tear troughs are an inherited trait and in others, tear troughs become more prominent with age. That is because facial tissues lose volume as you get older which causes dark circles, thinning skin and under-eye hollows to appearThe delicate skin around the eyes is vulnerable to sun damage and can also develop fine lines and wrinkles. 

As we age, there is a natural slow decrease in fatty tissue under the lower eyelid and upper cheek area, causing the muscles of the lower lid to slowly lose elasticity and no longer remain tightly tethered in place. These changes can eventually cause the tear trough depression to become puffy or bulge away from the face. The unevenness of the area can become shadowy, which in turn will look like dark circles under the eyes.   


A tear trough filler is an injectable treatment that is used under the eyes and its purpose is to add volume beneath the eyelids. The product that most often used in this area is one typically made of hyaluronic acid, which is a gel-like substance that naturally exists in your body. When injected into the skin, hyaluronic acid increases fullness and decreases indentations. This treatment also improves skin quality by boosting collagen production and hydrating the skin from the inside. 

tropical aesthetic is applied to the treated area to ensure minimal pain and maximum comfort. Small amounts of dermal filler are then injected into the soft area above your cheekbone using a cannula which helps to fill out the hollows and dark circles beneath your eyes. The area is then gently massaged to ensure the filler is spread evenly under the skin. Finely placing tiny and welldispersed amounts of hyaluronic acid filler in the tear trough region helps to smoothen the appearance of the under eyes and refresh the overall appearance of the face.  

The benefits of tear trough treatments include: 

  • Decreased hollowness underneath the eyes. 
  • Diminished appearance of undereye dark circles. 
  • Reduced appearance of under swelling or bags. 
  • Immediate results. 
  • Overall, more youthful, less tired looking under eye area. 

The results of this treatment are visible immediately and require no downtime. Patients may experience a little swelling and/or bruising after treatment, but this will soon subside, and patients will be able to carry on with day-to-day activities immediately after leaving our clinic. 

If you are interested in tear trough fillers, take the time to find an experienced medical professional. A qualified practitioner will be trained in the correct injection technique and can determine whether the treatment is suitable for you. They will also know how to choose the best injection site and pick the right filler to ensure they achieve your desired results. The risk of complications and side effects is uncommon if performed by a trained professionalas this is a safe, non-invasive procedureAt Azallis Cosmedics Clinic, this area is treated with the most advanced market-leading hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers which contain collagen, the skin’s own healing protein to give you long-lasting improvements in the appearance of these hollow areas, and alleviating dark circles beneath your eyes without the need for cosmetic surgery. Book a consultation with one of our specialists to ensure we understand the results you hope to achieve from your treatment. 

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